Consignor Intake Requirements

  • By appointment only
  • All items must be freshly cleaned & pressed or dry cleaned
  • All garments must be received on hangers (hangers will be returned to consignor at the time of intake if requested)
  • Garments must be 2 years or newer unless a classic designer such as Chanel, St. John, Gucci, etc...
  • Up to ten garments; up to five pair of shoes/boots plus accessories of a reasonable number
  • All intake is at the discretion of A Dress Change

60 Day Consignment Period

  • Following intake, your items will be inventoried within 48 hours.  You will receive an email listing the items that you have left, by brand and by price.
  • Our inventory tickets reflect three prices.  Initial price; 30% off (at 30 days); and 50% off (at 45 days).
  • We do run specials and these reductions are generally shared with the consignor.
  • Our split is 60/40 (40% goes to the consignor)
  • A $1.00 processing fee is charged to consignor for each item sold
  • We recommend that all unsold items be donated.  We donate to charity and provide you with the tax credit.
  • If unsold items are not picked up within 7 days of notification, they are automatically donated.

Consignment Contract