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How does the consignor get paid?

Once a consignor has established their account, they will be provided with their account number.  From this point forward, consignors have the ability to access their own personal account remotely.  This allows the consignor to monitor movement of their personal inventory.

  • As sales are made, each item that is sold gets credited to the appropriate consignor at the time of the sale.  Credits accumulate and can be used at any time towards purchases made at A Dress Change or;
  • Checks are issued once a month should your account have a minimum credit balance of $20.00 or more.  If less than $20.00, this rides untiil the next month.  If a minimum of $20.00 still hasn't been sold, then the balance will be paid out at the end of the consignment period.
  • Consignor checks are issued on the SECOND FRIDAY OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH.  Consignors are notified by email advising them that a check has been issued.

Wondering what has sold and how much you have earned? Click the “Consign Pro” button below to view your private individual account details through Consign Pro.

Thank you for shopping at and consigning with "A Dress Change".